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A Yogic Approach to Sleep

“Life is an endless dream… and dreams are endless life…” “We rarely hear the inner music, but we're all dancing to it nevertheless” Quotes by Rumi DREAMSTATE: What dosha are you in your dreams?Hindu philosophy has always expressed the idea that we perceive this life as real until, we awaken into a greater reality. Dreams express our uninhibited states of consciousness, experiences unencumbered by society, local and national customs and inhibitions, planted into our minds at a young age. We can say we are free in our from any façade. No one else [...]

Eating for Your Soul – The Ayurvedic Way

Food is the basis of all life. To gain optimal balance from food, it is essential to consume something which is well-suited and wholesome. The food which is wrong in combination, has undergone unsuitable processing, was consumed in incorrect quantity, and/or consumed in wrong time of the day and in wrong season is said to be Incompatible food.  This concept is clearly explained by Ayurveda Acharya Charaka as 'Virudha Ahara'.According to Ayurvedic perspective each food has a distinct combination of tastes, energy and post digestive effect (Rasa,Virya and Vipaka).Therefore, [...]