About Us – Basic

AyuMantra is based in Canada, producing and marketing Ayurvedic herbal products.

Our herbal specialists are in constant search of successful formulations and remedies.

Our R & D team researches ancient formulations with a scientific approach to enhance the effects.

At AyuMantra, we use evidence rather than anecdotes to prove our products because we believe that strict facts in place of word of mouth have more reliance. Scientific research deals with the fundamental issue of the products’ health benefits with trust. Natural health products are meant to meet the three quality requirements which are safetyefficacy, and consistency. Clinical research is the best way to accurately verify that the AyuMantra product you purchase has been proven to be safe and effective.
Our common goal is to provide quality products to our clients. A qualified team of professionals all trained and highly skilled, whose continuous endeavour is to produce quality goods. We use only natural or naturally-derived base ingredients that are not suppressed, to give the best results without side effects in this modern world dominated by synthetics.