Author - Dr. Anil K Mehta

Ayurveda and fasting

Does Ayurveda Recommends Fasting?

WHAT IS FASTING?Fasting is an integral part of Indian tradition and culture. It means that someone willingly abstains from certain or all foods, drinks or both. According to the Vedic traditions, fasting is a time for inner reflection and is useful for health. The Sanskrit word for fasting is Vrata, which also means to vow or to promise.VRATAA Vrata consists of one or more actions, including complete or partial fasting on certain specific days, a pilgrimage (Thirtha) to a particular or more than one place, avisit and Darshan (upliftment from looking at an image [...]

ayurveda and obesity

Ayurveda and Obesity

Several classical Ayurvedic texts refer to illnesses associated with obesity. Charak1 describes obesity as one of the least desirable health problems. In Western society, obesity is an ever- growing health risk, of which stress and an unhealthy diet are modifiable causes. Overall, body weight depends on all sorts of hereditary, personal, cultural and social factors, and is closely related to our physical and mental health. Thus, body weight plays an important role in every individual’s life.In this article, obesity will be discussed from an Ayurvedic perspective.  Ayurveda describes in [...]