Author - Nancy Carlson

Resiliency and Ayurveda

What is resilience? How do we get it? How can we cultivate and maintain resiliency in our daily life?How can we adjust, within constant changes in life? Can we re-create our self, body-mind-spirit, allowing passion and joy into life and work? Do we want to just survive, or to live well? “Resiliency is generally considered to be a positive trait involving the capacity to cope with stress and adversity.” -McCraty & Childres When we believe in our self, we can “bounce back” in changing times. This comes with practice, bringing a deeper [...]

Ayurvedic Health Tips for Maintaining Balance in the Winter

With the transition from fall to winter, it is important to be aware of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Are we feeling in balance or out-of-balance? Is our skin and hair dry, do our joints ache and are we cold all the time? Is there an increase of mucus secretion, feeling of heaviness, stagnation, craving sweets, and/or insomnia? These are just a few signals that we may be out of balance. The qualities of winter are cold, wet, fluid, cloudy, heavy…and at times dry and windy. These [...]