Author - Vaidya Moninder kaur

Triphala: Ancient formulation for a modern you

Triphala is a simple formulation that has been used since thousands of years for restoration, rejuvenation and balance. Traditionally prescribed as a mild laxative, there are lot more beneficial effects hidden within this traditional preparation for the up-to-date you. Triphala means 'the three fruits'. These three fruits are native to the Indian subcontinent. To understand it better, let us take a sneak peek into its three main ingredients - Amalki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki.Triphala – The three fruitsAmalki (Emblica officinalis): This fruit has cooling effect on the Pitta Dosha and [...]


The Elixir of life: RASAYANA

It’s spring time. The grass looks greener today. Almost all the snow has melted. The days will be longer now. The flowers will bloom. The sun will shine brighter taking away with it the cold winter blues. Nature has so much to offer. Each day brings with it new avenues to be explored. Old will make way for new. Growing and ageing is part of life. To enjoy bountiful offerings made by the ever changing world, we need to be healthy and happy. We often wish to have control [...]