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Safe Yoga in Pregnancy

To bear a child is undeniably the most divine fulfilment of women and yoga can be of great help to the expectant mothers: during pregnancy, at childbirth and in post-delivery period. Yogic exercises or asana are specific body poses designed to improve the awareness and muscular flexibility. It prepares both your body and mind for new situations and changes that occur during and after pregnancy.Yogic practices designed for pregnant women help them to have correct posture, flexibility of spine, improve their breathing capacity and to manage stress. It helps [...]

Ayurveda in Pregnancy

Ayurveda says, if a pregnant woman is taken care of as advised, she will give birth to a child who does not have any diseases- a healthy, physically strong, radiant and well-nourished baby who is superior to all the race.Pregnancy is not merely a physiological process, it is a great responsibility for both  father and mother. The mental and physical status of mother is important for a healthy pregnancy.There are certain guidelines of regimen and diet from inception of child till the birth.RegimenAlways try to be in a happy [...]