Ayurveda made simple. A fascinating journey into the many facets of this ancient science, plus insights by experts, plus handy tips on incorporating Ayurveda into everyday life. Great job, AyuMantra and the magazine Ayurveda Mantra!

Leslie Robinet
Yoga Instructor

Ayurveda Mantra magazine has played a big role in my recent attempts at adding yoga and herbal remedies to my fitness routine. Has some lovely articles on Ayurveda and practical advice on natural wellbeing. Do check it out.

Lizanne Lake
Holistic Nutritionist

AyuMantra Products don’t work as quickly as my former meds, but it’s natural so I prefer it anyway. Plus, because it works slowly over time, it inspires me to keep track of my food and exercise habits, instead of relying on a pop-a-pill cure. Appreciate AyuMantra’s efforts at making the world a healthier place!

Kathy Zahn
Spiritual Coach

I’ve replaced my aspirin bottle with Ayumantra Sirshool now. It took some getting used to, because I would usually just pop a pill when I had a headache. But now I’ve understood how the dosage works, and have made it a regular feature over the past month and a half. I have fewer headaches now and it’s all natural so that’s good too.

Yoga Enthusiast


Ayurveda Mantra magazine is a fabulous attempt at bringing little-known facts about Ayurveda and Yoga to light. Spare a few minutes and read up!

Jenya Hughes
Ayurvedic Practitioner

Amazing range of products

I love the entire range of AyuMantra Products. I am a die hard fan of Rakta Vridhi and it has helped me overcome Iron Deficiency

Thank You

Tia Maheshwari
Ayurveda and Life Coach


Thank you AyuMantra for coming up with this great concept of Ayurvedic classic dose in the tablet form. I have recently started using Ayufem and I think it is showing its effect on my body and I feel very energetic.

Neeta Ahooja
Ayurvedic Practitioner

The power of plants

Ayumantra products have helped me, and my family and clients to feel better. The quality of the products is exceptional and I am relieved to have found safe and efficient ayurvedic herbs here in Canada. And on top of it, Ayumantra is dedicated to protect ayurvedic plants in India!

Nadia Turgeon
Counselor and public health student

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